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Avalon International Breads

This neighborhood isn't ready for windows... Etcetera, etcetera. That's what we heard from anyone paying attention in 1997 when we opened our flagship store along the Cass Corridor in Detroit. Back then, there were no shiny new stadiums let along any shiny watches. There was just us, and a commitment to three things: The planet we call our home... The community we serve... And the employees we consider family. Today, with each loaf of bread we bake and every sandwich we schmear, we remain committed to those things more than ever. And whether you're peeking into those windows at our hearth, or gazing out them at the city we love, you'll still see the soul of what we do and the ingredients of who we are.
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Address 422 W Willis St, Detroit, MI 48201 USA
TEL 313-308-0150
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