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Arizmendi Association of Coops

The Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, founded in 1996, develops democratically run businesses whose worker-owners are in control of their livelihood. The first Arizmendi Bakery opened in Oakland in 1997, with a production model based on the Cheese Board in Berkeley, which generously donated its recipes and know-how to the project. There are now six thriving bakeries in the Bay Area. In 2016, on the heels of our 20th Anniversary, the Arizmendi Association began to diversify our cooperative family beyond bakeries. Root Volume, a landscaping design/build cooperative, is the first in what we hope will be many cross-industry cooperative businesses. Another project in development includes a construction cooperative, Arizmendi Construction.
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Address 1201 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Suite 200 Oakland, CA 94612
TEL 415-683-3335
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